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80240196  Dental System Complete Restorative - Additional seat 80243175  Abutment Designer, Implant Bar & Bridge - Additional seat
80240003  Dental System Premium - Additional seat 80243053  Removable Partial Design - Additional seat
80240115  Dental System Crown & Bridge - Additional seat 80243092  Full Dentures - Additional seat
80243210  Dental System Removables - Additional seat 80249001  Model Builder Trios - Additional seat
80243011  Abutment Designer - Additional seat 80249040  Model Builder All Scans- Additional seat

Terms and Conditions:

Offer valid in North America only. Only valid for item numbers 80240196, 80240003, 80240115, 80243210, 80243011, 80243175, 80243053, 80243092, 80249001, 80249040. This promotion cannot be combined with volume rebate discounts. However, units sold under this promotion are still counted towards minimum purchase agreements and volume rebate tier count. To qualify for this promotion, reseller partner must issue a PO with promotional code 40041, dongle #, scanner serial # and installation date to [email protected]. This promotion does not apply to DSOs, Universities, or Government institutions. Claim your free welcome kit with this purchase by signing up on http://community.3shape.com. All prices are in US Dollars and do not included potential freight, duties, and taxes. 3Shape reserves the right to amend this promotion without notice. Training sold separately. Valid October 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023.

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