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Bringing Clinics and Lab Together: A Prosthodontist-Lab Owner Perspective

November 11, 2021
20:00 Singapore time
General Practice
Communication is the key of success. With good communication, we don’t just assume. It gives clarity and certainty. Communication is a 2-way street, it can only be done effectively when both parties do it in the correct manner. How do we apply this in dentistry?

Dentists could write down or explain verbally to the dental laboratory team to explain how and what the dentists want. So that the technician envisions how restoration should look and then interprets all the available information to create the restoration or prothesis, based on how the dentist & patient desired. However communication through written or verbal is not enough.

In this webinar, Dr Alvin Tjiptarahardja will give his perspectives as a prosthodontist and lab owner. He will discuss how dentist & lab poor communication can effect the restoration, and how do we solve these problems.
Accurate communication between doctor & lab team could be optimised through digital dentistry. In the ever-expanding schema of digital dentistry, communication and collaboration both rely increasingly on another critical component: data. This is where intra oral scanner and dental photography have a major role.
Dr Alvin Tjiptarahardja

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