Start your digital journey by saving a bundle

Save over 15% when you purchase a TRIOS 3 Wired pod and an HP Zbook.

Take your first step into digital dentistry with the award-winning TRIOS 3 Wired scanner. Bundle it with an HP Zbook laptop and you’ll have everything you need to start scanning for only $16,950, a discount that saves you over 15%.

• Award-winning turnkey scan-and-send solution – no more impression material
• Connect to +20,000 labs worldwide through 3Shape Unite
• Get started quickly with dedicated implementation support for you and your staff
• Take advantage of full suite of 3Shape Engagement Apps

Terms and conditions:
• Offer valid in North America only from Nov 1 2022 - March 31 2023 (To qualify for this promotion an order for a new TRIOS 3 Pod (item 22001091) and HP Z-book (item 20000214) must be received by 3Shape on or before March 31, 2023, by a 3Shape distributor partner.).
• The purchase order must include promotion code 40018, practice details including name, address and contact information.
• This promotion can be combined with the trade-in/up program.
• All prices are in US Dollars and do not include potential freight, duties and taxes. 3Shape reserves the right to amend this promotion without notice.

Add a TRIOS 3 Wired Pod and a HP Zbook in your basked and apply your promo code directly in our webshop or bring it to your preferred reseller.